April 6, 2012

ATTENTION FRAM Filter Customers!!!!

Dear Fram Filter Customers:

Windward Petroleum and Fram have been strategic partners in the distribution of filtration for over 2 decades. Over the past many years, the heavy duty diesel filtration business has become more specialized and commitments to inventory, expedited service, and technical mind share are growing requirements for the filter customer.

Our goal is to strive to be the very best we can be in serving our customers, and we have recognized that our strengths are clearly in the distribution of lubricants and non application specific ancillary products. Heavy duty diesel filtration has become a specialized business and to that end we have made a decision to divest of our Fram Heavy Duty business.

Windward Petroleum is very much a leading supplier of passenger car filtration and remains committed to being your first source for these filtration products.

Effective April 9, 2012, D+W Diesel Inc. will be accepting the responsibility of providing Fram filtration to our customers and the New England market. D+W Diesel is headquartered in Auburn, New York with a branch distribution office in North Oxford, Massachusetts. D+W Diesel is an industry leader in diesel engine components and related support products.

The D+W team is committed to providing superior coverage, delivery, and will maintain the current pricing as you are enjoying today.

To place your orders please contact:
Bob Sardnola, Skip Allard, or Ray Arnott
D+W Diesel Inc.
731 Main Street
North Oxford, Massachusetts. 01537
Phone: 1-888-326-3939
Fax: 508-987-1556
Email: Worcester.sales@dwdiesel.com

Windward Petroleum greatly appreciates your business and is committed to providing cost savingsĀ and efficient solutions to the market. Our transfer of the Fram filter business will result in a positive change for our heavy duty filter customers.

Please contact me or your servicing Windward Petroleum sales person should you have any questions during this transition. Thank you for your business.

David W.H. Fenderson
Senior Vice President-Marketing