December 6, 2016

eCommerce Site

February 5, 2013

Launch of Updated Live eCommerce Site

After several months of transition from our former ERP system to our current offering we are finally ready to launch our updated and live eCommerce site. We thank you very much for your patience’s during our system integration; we very much appreciate your business.  Our eCommerce B2C solution is now in place and will be going live on February 8, 2013.  Our new on line ordering platform will have all the same functionality of our former system. This week our eCommerce administrator, Shauna Howard, will be forwarding you the instruction manual as well as your new user ID and password for the new site.  The access point will be the same as it was historically,, and will be live … Read entire article »

July 30, 2012

Important eCommerce Announcement!

As we communicated last week, G.H. Berlin-Windward Petroleum will be finalizing their software intergration of the two companies by the end of the day today. The eCommerce platform currently being used by Windward Petroleum is an overlay to our current operating system A-Plus. Today we will be transitioning our entire business to Visual Supplier, which is the heritage GH Berlin operating platform. With this transition we will not have the complete software connections for the eCommerce package. Our expectation will be to have a fully functioning eCommerce platform within 4 weeks. During the next 4 weeks, the current eCommerce system will continue to accept and process your orders as it typically has. We are committed to maintaining the G.H. Berlin-Windward … Read entire article »

July 20, 2012

Very Important Announcement for Customers

March 8, 2012

Announcement for PA and other Mid Atlantic Customers

November 15, 2011

Keeping Up with the Times…

Not only are there a lot of changes going on in the world today but at Windward as well…To better serve you as our valued customer, Windward, as many of you know already, provides an online ordering service. This service not only makes ordering convenient and on your terms, but it provides access to your most important information. On eCommerce you can access 24/7 your exact order history, your account information, your open invoices and your paid invoices. Another important feature is the ability, at your request, to set up specific Shopping Lists for different areas of your needs. This gives you a checklist of items to go down when in need. For example, we can create a list of … Read entire article »