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When it comes to lubricant distribution vendors, G.H. Berlin-Windward is in a class by itself. Our expert team reduces your costs by keeping you running 24/7 with on-time delivery, consistent, reliable service, deep product knowledge and unbeatable industry expertise.

Whether you’re looking for engine oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oils, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), bulk industrial lubricants, oil analysis, or wholesale oil and lubrication products, G.H. Berlin-Windward has what you need, when you need it.

Lubrication Products and Lubrication Services For:

 lp-commercial Commercial Vehicle Lubricants – Improve equipment reliability, reduce unnecessary lubricant and filter changes, and greatly improve your bottom line. G.H. Berlin-Windward is your best choice when it comes to choosing a lubricant supplier that understands fleet reliability.
 lp-industrial Industrial Lubricants – Save valuable time and money with single source lubricant and metalworking fluids for all your application needs. G.H. Berlin-Windward’s industrial products and customer service teams are focused on all aspects of the transaction ensuring you have the right product, at the right time.
 lp-passenger Passenger Vehicle Lubricants – Improve oil change bay operations, drive repeat business, and boost your overall ticket average. G.H. Berlin-Windward is your best choice for improving oil change bay operations by driving repeat business, consumer loyalty, and improving overall ticket average.
 lp-wholesale Wholesale & Retail Lubricants – Because you can find over 5000 products at G.H. Berlin-Windward, you will have fewer vendors to deal with. Reducing your vendor base means lowering your cost, increasing efficiency, and broadening your product offerings.

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We keep our customers up and running with the best industrial, commercial and automotive lubricants and related products. Our eTank bulk oil tank-monitoring program ensures you always have the right amount of oil on hand. We are consistent, dependable and reliable in our products, knowledge, and service levels.G.H. Berlin-Windward… If you need it, we’re on it!