July 30, 2012

Important eCommerce Announcement!

As we communicated last week, G.H. Berlin-Windward Petroleum will be finalizing their software intergration of the two companies by the end of the day today.

The eCommerce platform currently being used by Windward Petroleum is an overlay to our current operating system A-Plus. Today we will be transitioning our entire business to Visual Supplier, which is the heritage GH Berlin operating platform.

With this transition we will not have the complete software connections for the eCommerce package. Our expectation will be to have a fully functioning eCommerce platform within 4 weeks.

During the next 4 weeks, the current eCommerce system will continue to accept and process your orders as it typically has. We are committed to maintaining the G.H. Berlin-Windward A-Plus software with both vendor cost information and customer purchase prices. Your eCommerce orders for the next 4 weeks will continue to have correct pricing.

Due to the transition to Visual, our eCommerce system will not be maintaining on hand inventory, AR balances, and invoice data. We will be turning these functions off on eCommerce effectively July 30th 2012.

You will continue to see order confirmations come through as you normally have. I urge you to contact us of you have any questions during this very short transition period.

We appreciate your business and look forward to welcoming a new eCommerce offering with more robust product offering.


David W.H. Fenderson