November 12, 2015

NY Customer Appreciation Event

On November 8th, GH Berlin Windward hosted a Customer Appreciation event at Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, NY in which the Buffalo Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins in a sold-out arena.

The event was well attended by 30 of our New York based customers and GH Berlin Windward staff who enjoyed a sunny 48 degree day in Buffalo, NY. The event was held not only to show our appreciation for our NY based customers, but also to allow those in similar fields to connect and network while tailgating before the game. Various industry leaders attended this event, such as: ARG Trucking Corp, Terpening Trucking, RIST Transport, Ltd., Sessler Wrecking & Excavating, Earl T. Wadhams, Conway Beam Leasing, and Stadium International.

With over 5,000 products and a variety of value-added services, G.H. Berlin-Windward is a new breed of lubricant and ancillary distribution company, recently expanding our presence in New York state via various acquisitions (Farrell Oil, Drake Oil, and Mirabito’s lube division). Through our branded relationships with major suppliers (Kendall, Valvoline, Mobil) we are able to provide multiple options at the best value to meet our customer’s goals; whether it be through improved MPG, extended drains, or sampling programs. The G.H. Berlin-Windward team keeps you running with on-time delivery, consistent reliable service, deep product knowledge and unbeatable industry expertise.