Full Service Oil Analysis Program

G.H. Berlin-Windward’s PM Program monitors the condition of your fluid resulting in improved operational efficiency and extended oil and equipment reliability and service intervals.

Our PM Program will check:

  • Spectrographic Analysis of 21 Different Wear Metals
  • Contamination Metals
  • Fuel and Coolant Dilution
  • Oil Viscosity
  • Engine Oil Soot and TBN
  • Water Contamination
  • Total Acid Number
  • Particle Count

All results in our PM Program are available online – from oil analysis reports with trending analysis. No software is required.

G.H. Berlin-Windward also provides Field Engineering Services:

  • Scheduled Oil Analysis Review and Training Sessions
  • Lubrication and Oil Analysis Surveys
  • Cost Reduction and Product Application Support
  • Application Inspections and Recommendations
  • Lubrication Storage and Handling Surveys
  • Grease Application Training
  • Basic Lubrication Training