December 6, 2016

Valvoline’s All New Advanced Bay Box System


Click Here to see the Advanced Bay Box action. (You don’t want to miss it!)

When will the Advanced Bay Box System be available?
• Shipping from Valvoline to GH Berlin Windward starts in March of 2017. (Please expect longer than normal lead times on initial shipments)

Can the current rack be used with the new 5 Gal. boxes?
No. The new 5 gal. boxes will not fit on the current racks and the current 6 gal. boxes will not fit on the new Advanced Bay Box Rack.

Will the current Valvoline Bay Boxes still be available for order?
Current Valvoline Bay Boxes will continue to be available for order through April of 2017. After April of 2017, their material numbers will be obsolete. Please plan accordingly to deplete current Bay Box inventory prior to bringing in the new 5 gal. boxes. 

What products will be available in the Advanced Bay Box System?
All existing products in current Bay Boxes PLUS Valvoline SynPower XL-III 5W-30 (OEM approval for VW 504/507 specification)